Here is a list of the troubleshooting steps you should follow if your AeroPoints are not uploading their data.

For each step, you will need to push the button on the AeroPoint twice to return it to the uploading state. It should flash slowly while attempting to connect, and flash quickly once connected.

Data will not be deleted from the AeroPoint until it has successfully uploaded.

  1. Make sure your hotspot device is connected to the internet.
  2. If you are using an iOS device, you must have the hotspot settings screen open while the AeroPoints are connecting and uploading.
  3. iOS devices only allows you to connect five devices at a time. You may need to wait for the first five AeroPoints to finish uploading and disconnect from the hotspot.
  4. If Step 1 does not work, try turning your hotspot off and on again. If Step 2 does not work, try rebooting the device you are using as a hotspot. iOS occasionally refuses connections until the device is restarted. 
  5. Try moving to another location in case radio interference is preventing your hotspot from transferring data. 
  6. Try a different hotspot device.
  7. If problems persist, please email with details of what occurred when you tried each of Steps 1–6 and the IDs of the AeroPoints experiencing the upload issues. If possible, include a video of your attempts at uploading data from the AeroPoints, as this will be required to support any request for replacement units.
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