Step 1. Identify AeroPoint set

From the AeroPoints tab, scroll or search for the relevant set of AeroPoints, then find the relevant flights from the list of flights done with that set. 

Step 2. Download AeroPoint positions KML

Click the download button and select .KML as the download format.

Step 3. Navigate to the layers menu

Return to your site in the Viewer and open the 'Layers' tab located next to 'Annotations' in the top left hand corner. Click 'Upload' to open the Upload Modal.  

Step 4. Upload AeroPoints .KML file as a layer

Drag and drop the AeroPoints .KML you just downloaded into the Upload Modal.  

Step 5. Toggle AeroPoints layer

Once uploaded, the .KML with your AeroPoint locations will instantly be visible in the list of Layers. Toggle the relevant layer to show/ hide the AeroPoint locations. 

(Optional) Step 6. Rename AeroPoints layer

With a Layer selected, you can rename the AeroPoint layer to reflect the date, time, id or other relevant information. 

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