Most of Propeller's licenses and plans place a limit on how many standard datasets you upload.

Our standard dataset is defined so that the vast majority of worksite surveys are well within the limits. However, for really large sites we have to use larger cloud computing resources, more manual support time, and invest more in highly scalable data processing and hosting, so larger sites will use up multiple standard datasets on your plan or license. 

When uploading source images for processing with Propeller, you will see the number of datasets that will be consumed by this upload.

One dataset is:

  • A single contiguous survey.
  • Up to 20 gigapixels of source imagery (for example, 1000 photos at 20 megapixels).
  • Up to 20 ground control points.

If you upload a survey with more than 20GP of imagery or more than 20 GCPs, that means two important things:

  • You will be charged one extra dataset per 20GP and/or 20 GCPs.
  • We do not guarantee the standard turn around time.

If your dataset goes over both the gigapixel and GCP limit, we'll charge just the higher of whichever applies, rather than adding them together. So, 

  • A 30-gigapixel survey (counts as two datasets) with 30 GCPs (also counts as two datasets) will use up two datasets; and 
  • A 70-gigapixel survey (counts as four datasets) with 45 GCPs (counts as three datasets) will use up four datasets. 
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