Contours layer upgrade:  
Propeller has massively upgraded the Contours overlay to include the following:
> User-defined contour spacing
> Custom color elevations (with transparency)
> Major contour labels
> Auto recognition of linear units (contours now available in feet)
> Individual toggles for coloured elevations and contours

Where do I find it? Navigate to the Controls panel on the left, and then activate Contours from within the Layers tab. The contour controls will appear below:

Cut/Fill Heatmaps:
You can now visualise your cut and fill values as either the 3D floating visualiser or a heatmap.

We've also introduced a special "deadband" mode for the heatmaps, which allows you to set a tolerance and ignore insignificant data. You can also apply the major labeled contours discussed above to a single polygon, rather than applying them to the whole map:

Where do I find it? Anytime you create a polygon, you can click on the Toggle Heatmap button to the left of the Density/Tonnage Calculator:

Performance of Annotations:
We've listened to your feedback on the loading times, which were becoming unacceptable for sites and datasets with lots of annotations.
Annotations are now hidden by default and only calculated when made visible.  

More secure downloads:
We've made an important change to increase security and flexibility. Previously, the entry-level View permission allowed for users to download the data files from any Site on which they held that permission. 

Based on feedback and requests, users with the View permission will no longer be able to download files. If you require a user to have this function you can upgrade their Site permission to Edit from the Users & Permissions tab from the My Details section of your account menu.

Other notes, tweaks, & bug fixes:
• Bug fix: Fixed a redirect error in the Upload dialogue
• Tweak: Made the Annotation item highlight state more obvious
• Bug fix: Reference Level Volume input now updates on units change

As always, we'll be releasing more information and instruction around using these features in the coming weeks, in the interim let us know if you have any questions or feedback through

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