We've just rolled out the following release, including improvements to Volume Compare calculations, better visualization of horizontal length, more coordinate visualization options and a better sharing experience.


Consistent ordering for volume compare calculations

We made significant improvements to the Volume Compare tool to streamline the way cut, fill, and net volumes are calculated. You can read about the changes in this article:


Visualing horizontal segment lengths

Horizontal length displayed while creating a line

When using the Polyline tool to create an Annotation, the horizontal length of each segment in your line will be shown while you are creating the Annotation. This can help if you want to create a line with a fixed length.

User control of coordinate ordering

You can now control whether coordinates are displayed in lat/long or long/lat order in the Viewer, downloads, and CSV export. Access this options from the Settings button in the top right of the Viewer.

Fix sharing button being disabled

The sharing button used to be disabled if you accessed a dataset via an external hyperlink, instead of by navigating through the buttons in the portal. This has now been fixed.

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