We've just rolled out the following release, which includes support for design surfaces.

New Features

New Cross Section Chart Annotation Item for Line Annotations

We introduced the new Cross Section Chart measurement tool for Line Annotations, which can be accessed by clicking on a Line Annotation in your Annotations List. The tool allows you to compare a surveyed elevation to a design surface.

Selecting the horizontal view button within the Cross Section Chart measurement tool expands the cross section along the bottom of the screen. You can switch back to the other view by toggling between the vertical and horizontal view button (highlighted below).

Dragging your mouse along the cross section will display the elevation and difference from the design surface at a single point on the line.

You can also choose to compare your current Site to another dataset or design surface by removing the default comparison Dataset and adding a new one.

Grouping Design Surfaces in Volume Compare and Cross Section Chart Dropdown Menus

We changed the grouping of design surfaces so that they are distinct from datasets when selecting between datasets and design surfaces in the Volume Compare tool.

We made the same change to the Cross Section tool—making it easier to find and select design surfaces to compare with the current Site in cross section view.

Removing design surface datasets from timeline view

We removed design surfaces from the timeline view, so that these invisible surfaces don't interfere with your ability to visualize comparisons of your site across time.


Persisting density calculations & Export to CSV

Density values will be saved between sessions in the Portal, and will now also be available when you export Annotations to CSV.

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