Slope Heatmap upgrade 🔥
Following on from the previous release of Cut/Fill Heatmaps and Contours Upgrade, you can now view a Slope Map of the site to check custom gradients:

Unlike the Cut/Fill Heatmap, this is available site-wide, but not on individual polygons. 

Where do I find it? Navigate to the Controls panel on the left, and then Activate Contours/Heatmap from within the Layers tab. The Slope Heat Map controls will appear below and can be toggled on:

Other upgrades and changes:
• Heatmap improvements based on your feedback
• Automatic modification of KMLs to allow clamping to ground
• Various bug fixes
• Added a dynamic x-axis label to the Cross Section chart

As always, we'll be releasing more information and instruction around using these features in the coming weeks, in the interim let us know if you have any questions or feedback through

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