Processing Reports (finally!)

One of our most strongly requested and long-awaited features, you can now receive a processing report for all Survey data sets. These can be accessed from the usual Downloads location from Controls > Layers > Downloads.

Hovering info display for Heatmaps

The heatmap now shows a summary of the two datasets being compared by the Volume Tool, as well as the Cut or Fill volume.

The top elevation in the display corresponds to the dataset being used for comparison (Smart Volume level in this example), with the bottom elevation corresponds to the dataset being viewed (18 July 2017 in this example). The cut volume shown in this example is the difference from the left-most dataset to the right-most dataset.

Marker elevation history chart improvement—adds support for design surface comparison

You can now add a design surface in the elevation history chart for point markers.

Better download file names

We added more descriptive file names to the downloadable outputs, PDF and CSV reports to include the Site name, Dataset name (usually the date), and a description of the output type.

Site overview image with annotations in PDF and adding CSV annotation table to PDF

You can now export a PDF which lists all annotations created in the Map View as well as the Photo View. This PDF will show an overview of the Site and also a table summarising the Annotations that are currently visible on your dataset. This table contains the same information as you would get if you exported Annotations as a CSV.

Bugfixes and other changes

  • DWG and DXF upload assistance now links directly to Intercomm chat.
  • Improve reporting of critical issues which are preventing the Viewer from loading correctly.
  • Double-clicking on the compass navigation tool shows a top-down view.
  • Contours now support offsets for some coordinate reference systems (local grid, EPSG:27700).

As always, we'll be releasing more information and instruction around using these features in the coming weeks, in the interim let us know if you have any questions or feedback through

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