In the last month we've been focusing on a lot of performance improvements to make Propeller run faster and generally provide an all-round more enjoyable experience for users. Having said that, there are a bunch of new features that increase the power of the inspection workflow and the reporting tool. 

Upgraded PDF Reports

The PDF Reports now have more custom options, allowing to you isolate individual components such as the Site Overview and the Annotations Table.

You can also select whether you'd like a separate report page for each of your Annotations with additional details:

Improved Navigation for Inspection View

You can now apply a "lock" to inspection data sets to constrain navigation to a certain section of your flight. This is automatically calculated for you based on timestamps, and is particularly useful for large inspection sets where the pilot may combine many vertical, oblique, nadir and orbital passes into a single data set. 

Point to Point Distance & Point Cloud Measurements

You can now measure directly off point cloud data, with no input from the accompanying terrain file. What's more, we've added a Point-to-Point Distance measurement. This currently doesn't show by default but can added from the Add/Edit Items button on any line-based Annotations. 

Template Selector available from the Toolbar

You can now select an Annotation Template directly from the toolbar prior to creating the annotation, rather than selecting the desired Template afterwards. 

In addition to all of the above, we've also completed a host of various bug fixes, and in response to some feedback we've renamed the Elevation Heat Map to the Dynamic Cut/Fill Map.

As always, we'll be releasing more information and instruction around using these features in the coming weeks, in the interim let us know if you have any questions or feedback through

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