We've just pushed a new release that gives the platform a newish look and feel, as well as a new Site overview, Settings Menu, and massively upgraded AeroPoints interface. 

Please read below to learn all about the changes, and reach out with any questions or feedback!


The new Sites interface allows you to view all of the Sites within your Portal on a single map, and zoom into particular areas for a dynamic overview of your operations. 

You can now sort Sites by name, date created, and date updated, in both ascending and descending order. If your user account has access to data from other Portals, you can also choose to view these Sites as well. 

You can still search for and select Sites directly from the Viewer as well. 

We've taken on board hundreds of your questions and feedback on the AeroPoints interface to increase the flexibility and user experience. 

Some of the exciting new features include:

The Timeline feature gives you an simple visual interpretation of your AeroPoints survey, making it easy to see that each unit has logged for the required amount of time and deployment and collection was done in the correct order. For a standard AeroPoints survey, your Timeline should look something like this:

Duplicate and Archive Surveys
Based on strong feedback, you can now duplicate Surveys to run the corrections again using a different method, or Archive Surveys that are no longer required. 

Easy links to AeroPoints support center, network map, and manual
You can also much more easily purchase and activate new AeroPoints sets.

Upgraded support workflow for PPP and Rinex Corrections

Change Units, CRS, and Vertical Datum/Geoid for a Survey

More Efficient Workflows
Once corrected, you can immediately upload the image data from a flight to be processed using that AeroPoints survey. We also have a new download option, a simple CSV for import into Pix4D and other software.

Additional features and updates to AeroPoints Interface include:

  • Ability to change the default units used for AeroPoints surveys
  • Ability to sort AeroPoint surveys by date created
  • Ability to see archived surveys
  • Upgraded AeroPoints survey map that shows AeroPoints locations, the closest base stations and the AeroPoints unit that you’ve selected as the known point.
  • The ability to process AeroPoints surveys outside of the corrections network if they are within 62mi (100km) of a base station. Please note that selecting this option will most likely produce a bad result when compared to other options
  • The ability to use orthometric/geoid heights when entering known point coordinates
  • Ability to correct AeroPoints using precise point positioning (PPP) if users agree to a disclaimer
  • Ability to correct AeroPoints using suboptimal RINEX files if users agree to a disclaimer
  • A timeline showing how well the selected RINEX file covers the AeroPoints survey period 
  • Ability to enter precise coordinates for RINEX files so that users don’t have to edit the files themselves.
  • RINEX 3.0 support


More intuitive controls for Elevation and Slope Maps
We listened to your comments about the Elevation and Slope Map controls, and as a result have made changes to make it much easier to set a maximum and minimum height or slope for each section.

New Options Menu for Individual Annotations
You can now click on the three dots next to an expanded Annotation and select from the following options:

Optional Message to Users when Sharing a Site

One-stop Propeller Support
You can now access all Propeller support material from a single dropdown menu. Simply click on Support and then select from chatting live to a team member, visiting the Help Center, or reading about our latest features and upgrades. 

New Settings Menu

Our Settings Menu has also been given a facelift, and you'll find all of the familiar Menu sections have a fresh look.

As always, we'll be releasing more information and instructions around using these features in the coming weeks, in the interim let us know if you have any questions or feedback through support@propelleraero.com

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