An Inspection cannot be processed with AeroPoints or other ground control which requires processing as a Survey. As a result of not requiring ground control, Inspections typically process faster than Surveys. 

Required Inputs 

  • 10 or more geotagged JPEG or JPG files with unique names. 

Outputs produced

Selecting photos for upload

After selecting your site and Survey as the dataset type, upload the photo files by dragging and dropping 10 or more geotagged JPEG or JPG files with unique names or using the Dropbox integration to select a connected Dropbox folder.


Before uploading begins, your photos are scanned for conformance with:

  • File type
  • Compatible geotags
  • Unique name (max length 255 characters)

Once the selected files have been validated, a map will be appear with the location of your photos. 

When all photos are displaying as expected, click Next to proceed.

Dataset details

Set the dataset name and dataset capture date.

  • The capture date/time will determine where the dataset lies on the timeline view and is defaulted from the capture time of the first submitted image. 
  • In order to choose a time, click the time panel at the bottom of the date selector. When done, click elsewhere on screen to close the date selector dialogue.

The dataset name is how this dataset will be referred to in the Viewer and is defaulted to the dataset date.

Click Next to proceed.


The next page is a summary of the details and the processing outputs, which we will create on your new dataset.

Each card can be clicked in order to return to the relevant section for revision.

Once you click Submit, your request will be finalized and your files will begin uploading.


Once submitted, you can track the progress of the upload of your files. Do not close the window or navigate away from this page, or your upload will be cancelled.

If your internet connection is interrupted, a message will be displayed as below. Leave your browser window open and your computer running, and the upload will automatically resume when possible.


Once your files have completed uploading, you will see the page below. It is now safe to navigate away from the page. Alternatively, use the buttons to access the Viewer or create another dataset.

An email will be sent to all users with view permission on the selected site once processing has completed.

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