Better sharing, more control of your site.

Based on your feedback, we've focused on making it easy for you to complete the following jobs in Propeller: 

  • Have a conversation about a specific feature of your site by sharing a link directly to an annotation.
  • Manage which users can view and make changes to sites with improved user permissions management.
  • Understand what's happening with data you've uploaded by showing the status of processing datasets
  • Make consistent, site-level measurements with an automatic site boundary on every survey.
  • Upload high-accuracy geotagged photos generated via a RTK/PPK enabled drone for processing. 

Read below to learn more about these new features or try them yourself now by logging into your site.

Share links directly to specific annotations 

You can now share a link to a specific annotation which opens your site with the the camera correctly positioned and the annotation already open.

Sharing an annotation makes it easy to communicate about a specific part or feature of your site.

Learn how to share a link to a specific annotation, here.

See the status of datasets being processed

You can now check the status of any datasets currently being processing by clicking the Uploads button in the top navigation bar.

An email confirmation will continue to be sent once processing has completed and the dataset is ready for viewing.

Automatically generated site boundaries for new surveys

See the limits of your site in a way that's consistent from one dataset to another. 

Create whole of site Cut/ Fill or Takeoff Reports by converting the boundary to an annotation and using Volume Compare to change between datasets. 

Learn how to view your terrain boundary and use it for measurements, here.

Manage users and permissions across your sites 

A major update to Users & Permissions makes it easier to control who can view and manage data on which sites in your Portal.

Learn how you can apply more granular control to users of your portal here.

Upload photos with high accuracy photos generated by RTK or PPK drones 

If you're currently flying a drone with on-board Real Time Kinematic (RTK) or Post-Processed Kinematic (PPK) GPS module, you can now check a box when uploading a dataset to process high-accuracy geotagged photos automatically. 

Learn more about support for high-accuracy geotagged photos from RTK/PPK here.

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