Most of Propeller's licenses and plans place a limit on how many standard datasets you upload.

Our standard dataset is defined so that the vast majority of worksite surveys are well within the limits. However, for really large sites we have to use larger cloud computing resources, more manual support time, and invest more in highly scalable data processing and hosting, so larger sites will use up multiple standard datasets on your plan or license. 

When uploading source images for processing with Propeller, you will see the number of datasets that will be consumed by this upload.

Geotagged JPEG images:

  • Each image must be ≥ 8 megapixels
  • Every 1,000 standard images (20 gigapixels) of imagery counts as a single dataset
  • No individual upload can exceed 10,000 standard images (200 gigapixels)
  • Larger datasets must be split up or be approved for over-sized processing
  • Unlimited plans are only available for use with with an approved UAS, such as:
        - DJI Mavic, Phantom and Inspire series craft
        - senseFly eBee
        - Wingtra WingtraOne

Ground control points:

  • 40 ground control points count as a single dataset. Larger surveys will use up more credits.
  • Although you can upload unlimited checkpoints, no individual upload can exceed 80 ground control points
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