The changes are designed to make navigating your data easier, simplify the process of creating, editing and working with measurement, while also adding in a few useful new features.

The changes cover the following areas:

  • Navigating between measurements 
  • Creating and understanding measurements
  • Measurement actions
  • Navigating sites 
  • Layers and linework data 

How to toggle on the new UI

To toggle on the new UI, open the settings on any Site and toggle New Look under the Beta Options heading. 

Navigating between measurements 

The left-hand menu is now totally devoted to measurements. To open an individual measurement, click it on the list. This will open it and move the map to its location. To return to the full list of measurements, press the back arrow. 

Creating measurements and understanding measurement details

The drawing tool has moved to the left-hand menu to keep everything related to measurements in one place. Access all your templates the same way by clicking the drawing tool and selecting a template. 

To reduce the number of steps it takes to create a measurement, you can now draw your shape and instantly see measurement details, without needing to name your measurement inside the map. To make sure you don’t lose your changes, when exiting back to the measurements list with unsaved changes will result in a prompt asking you to save or discard your measurement. 

You can now see exactly who created a measurement as well as details of the most recent update. To view the details of when and who created or last edited a measurement, open the measurement and click the info icon.

Measurement items got a facelift, especially the volume item. Activate a measurement item, such as the volume item, by clicking anywhere on the measurement item. To change the way the volume is visualized on the map, toggle the 3D Cut/Fill, 2D Cut/Fill, or Contours using the labeled buttons.   

Measurement actions and shortcuts 

The measurement list and single measurement view now contain shortcuts for the most important actions. The shortcut action can be applied to single or multiple measurements at once, and includes:

  • Copy: Duplicate a measurement by creating an exact copy on your current survey or copy it to a specific survey dataset.     
  • Share: Share a link to a specific measurement that opens Propeller with the measurement open and the camera focused on the relevant part of the map.
  • Download: Download the outline of your measurement as a .KML file. To download multiple outlines as a single .KML, select more than one shape and use the download shortcut from the measurement list view.
  • Delete: Select one or more shapes and double click to permanently delete measurements.    

Actions can be applied to multiple measurements at once by ticking on the relevant measurements then selecting the action. Measurement actions can also be accessed by right clicking on the map or by selecting the three-dot dropdown menu from an individual measurement on the list view. 

Navigating Sites

With a site open, you can still easily navigate between your Sites and Surveys with improved menus for easier navigation, especially on sites with lots of datasets. Design surfaces are now separated to better differentiate between your drone surveys and design surfaces.

Layers and linework data

Layers have been moved onto the map. Layers continues to be the place to access all your map overlays, including custom layers and linework uploaded to your site. 

The new look is currently in beta and can be accessed from the site settings menu. Expect further improvements as we move towards making the new design the default option for all portals in September. 

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