If you have the Manage Access permission on one or more sites there are several ways to access the interface to manage the permissions that other users have on those sites.

From the main Sites tab, you can click the icon for any site and click on Share

From the Viewer, you can also click the Share button:

From the Settings dropdown you can navigate to Sites & Access and select the site that you wish to manage:

This will display the interface for managing access to your site. From here you can add/remove people and teams, change their permissions as well as resend invitation emails.

Adding people and teams

To add new people, start typing a team name or email address and you may see suggestions of teams and people in your portal to select from. You can also add people from outside your portal by entering their full email address. 

You can alter the permissions that they will receive using the dropdown marked View, Export, Edit and Process.

To finish, click the Invite button to add the users. Users will be sent an email with all the details needed to access the site.

Managing existing people and teams

To change the permissions existing users and teams have on your site, find them in the list and select the relevant permissions from the dropdown in their row.

You can also resend the activation email to users that have not yet logged in with the Resend Invitation button as well as remove users and teams from the site with the x button.

Managing Access Requests

If a user has requested access to your sites you can manage these requests by navigating to Settings > Sites & Access then by clicking the Requests tab. This tab will have a red marker next to it if you have any pending approvals.

The page displayed will show all requests for your sites and allows you to approve or reject them.

By default all approvals will result in the user only having the View permission on the requested site, however you can change this on a per request basis by clicking on the permissions dropdown.

Once you are ready you can approve the requests by either pressing the Approve All button or the tick icon. Alternatively, you can reject requests using the cross icon.

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