Custom exports of parts of your site replace the need to download the entire file made available as part of processing.

Select a part of your site to export in any number of common file formats:

Drawing eXchange Format (DXF

  • Export the outline of a polygon or polyline measurement.   
  • Extract a section of your surface as a TIN surface model (3DFACE).

Point Cloud (LAS, LAZ or CSV)

  • Extract a section of point cloud and customise density for use with other design/ survey software.

TTM (Trimble Terrain Model) 

  • Import into Trimble software (TBC, VisionLink etc) for design, survey and machine control.

KML/ KMZ (Keyhole Markup Language)

  •  XML notation for expressing geographic annotation and visualization data. 

How to export a part of your site

  1. Draw a shape around the area you want to export using the polygon tool.
  2. Open the measurement actions (From the measurements list, shortcut actions or by right clicking the selected measurement on the map). 
  3. From the Export action select the required file type for export.
  4. (Optional) Configure parameters (e.g. point cloud density).
  5. The export will start downloading instantly or if processing required, display a notification.
  6. If exporting a format that requires processing (like point clouds) you will receive an email with a link to the file once processing has completed.    
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