The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allows Part 107-certified pilots to receive instant authorization to legally operate drones in controlled airspace through the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) program. For more information on the benefits of the LAANC program, see this Propeller blog

In addition to using LAANC to receive FAA authorization, you may need to perform a DJI Self Unlock to operate in controlled airspace. 

The AirMap application (available on the web or on mobile for iOS and Android) makes acquiring a LAANC authorization straightforward. 

Note: Check the airspace restrictions on your site before you leave the office. That way you are aware of any possible restrictions before you get on-site, where it may more difficult to address. 


Go to the AirMap website. 

2. Locate your site either by scrolling around the map or entering the location in the Areas of Interest search bar in the upper-right corner. 

You can zoom in to see the flight ceilings. 

3. Click on the plus sign icon to create a new flight plan.

4. Either log in or create a free account. 

5. Move the point to the center of your survey area.

You can check the advisories by clicking on the triangle icon. 

6. Set the other flight plan settings, including: 

  • Altitude
  • Date and time
  • Flight context
  • Click Brief Flight Plan.


7. Confirm the details, and then click Submit Flight Plan. 

8. You can view your planned flights by clicking on Flights in the left-hand menu. 

Mobile App

1. Open the AirMap app. 

2. Click the Create Flight Plan button, taking note of the max altitude allowable for a given area (symbolized by the white numbers).

3. Draw your proposed flight area using a radius, line, or polygon. Then click Next.

4. Enter your "Flight Plan Details" on the following page. 

In order to receive instant authorization, you need to enter a "Flight Altitude" lower than the ceiling for the grids in which you're operating. In the picture above, the survey area (orange polygon) is located in grids with ceilings of 300 and 200 feet, so anything under 200 feet will be eligible for instant approval if all other criteria are met. Then click Next.

5. Review the Authorizations section of the following page. You will be notified if your request for authorization will be granted upon submission or not.

6. If you see Authorization Upon Submission, click the Submit Flight button at the bottom of the screen. You will receive a text notifying you that your authorization has been granted.

If, instead of the message above, you see Rejected Upon Submission, navigate back and adjust your flight plan and/or flight details.

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