Terrain Editing allows you to remove features or inaccuracies such as a fleet of vehicles, stockpiles, or bridges from your terrain model so that you can calculate accurate earthwork quantities.

Watch the short demo video or read the step-by-step guide below to learn how to use Terrain Editing on your site. 

Who can access this feature?

Being able to control who can edit a terrain is essential to maintaining accuracy and consistency, which is why only users with Process-level permission on a site can make edits to a terrain model.

Users without Process permission (i.e. View or Edit only permission) can enable a visualization of where terrain edits have been made, but cannot make edits to the terrain.

How to remove a stockpile, vehicle, or pile of debris 

To get started, click on the survey tab and then "add terrain edit." From here you can open and adjust existing terrain edits, or create a new one. 

Just like you would use the Polygon Tool, select the area to edit by clicking around the feature you want to remove.

Once you’ve added the terrain edit, you’ll see that it's been removed from the terrain model but is still visible from the orthophoto. This will allow you to make a surface-to-surface or surface-to-design measurement of the area without the volume of the stockpile interfering in the calculation.

If you use the Cross Section measurement tool over the stockpile, you can now see that the area is flattened according to the vertices you added around the stockpile.

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