Terrain Editing is now available for all users 

You can now edit your terrain models in Propeller to remove inaccuracies; cut out bridges or structures that are stopping you from accurately measuring earthwork progress; and to patch over holes in the terrain.  

One of the best ways to streamline the survey data QA process is to quickly edit and share a terrain model with the rest of your team using only Propeller. This new and simple process not only saves time, but also leads to more accurate quantities and monthly reports you can trust.

You can now: 

  • Remove features such as vehicles, stockpiles, or debris
  • Patch over holes in a terrain caused by foliage or missing photos 
  • Remove bridges or other structures that cover your earthwork 
  • Correct the visual appearance of areas on site that are notoriously hard to map by photogrammetry, e.g. bodies of water and vegetation 
  • Manage who can access to the Terrain Editing feature 
  • Track who has made an edit, where and when

Who can use Terrain Editing? 

We know that being able to control who can edit a terrain is essential to maintaining accuracy and consistency, which is why we’ve made it simple to manage who can make edits to your terrain models.

  • Users with Process-level permission on a site can make edits to a terrain model.
  • Users without Process permission (i.e. View or Edit only permission) can enable a visualization of where terrain edits have been made, but cannot make edits to the terrain.

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