We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Point Cloud Upload feature in Propeller. 

You can now:

  • Drag and drop preprocessed LAS or zipped LAS (LAZ) files from any source (e.g. Pix4D or Revit) into the Propeller.
  • View the uploaded point cloud or newly created DEM surface in your browser.
  • Use all Propeller's features to measure and analyze the point cloud data. 
  • Easily reduce the size of large, unmanageable point cloud files using Propeller’s existing Crop to TTM or DXF feature.

You can find a step by step guide to uploading point clouds here.

Can I use this feature on my current plan? 

Yes. Our mission is to provide worksites with a tool to map, measure, and analyze their data— no matter what survey equipment they prefer. That’s why we’ve enabled the point cloud upload feature for all users with an active platform license.  

You can submit extremely large point clouds to Propeller’s processing engine, but very large sites might count as multiple standard datasets included in your license.

For unlimited licenses, we cap the size of a standard dataset at 200 million points. For drone survey packs and BYO data packs, we cap a standard point cloud upload at 100 million points. This is plenty for most applications. 

If you need to capture a  site over that limit, an extra dataset allowance will be used for each additional 100 million points (or part thereof) you want to upload. 

For more information on how usage of the new point cloud upload feature may impact your credit balance, please see below.  

Unlimited plans

Every 200 million points counts as a single dataset. Users can upload a maximum of 300 point cloud datasets per year (this is in addition to the 100 preprocessed drone surveys that are included in an Unlimited license).

Dataset-capped plans | 15, 30, 55, 110 Drone Survey Pack 

Every 100 million points counts as a single dataset and 1 credit will be deducted from the license balance accordingly. E.g. Uploading 180 points will deduct 2 credits from your balance.

BYO plans

Every 200 million points counts as a single dataset. If you have purchased drone survey pack and BYO data credits, Propeller will deduct credit from your BYO data pack first. We will only deduct a drone survey credit if there is no BYO data credit remaining.

Upload limit for all licenses: 

No individual upload can exceed 1 billion points. Larger datasets must be split or be approved for over-sized processing. 

You can find a step by step guide to uploading point clouds here.

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