This month we’re pleased to announce a new and improved functionality for Terrain Editing, the launch of our easy Point Cloud Upload, plus additional support for a full list of global currencies in Material Properties. 

Read on for more details or head to your site and take a quick tour to see what’s new. 

Improved Terrain Editing 

The latest improvements to Terrain Editing mean that you can now export a surface model, inclusive of the changes made using Propeller’s easy terrain editing workflow, for use with CAD or other specialized software packages. 

If you’re working on a site with vegetation cover, fields, or water, then there’s more good news. You can now easily exclude interferences by adjusting the drone surveyed terrain to be above or below the elevation of the photogrammetry surveyed surface. Learn more ->

Update to Material Properties 

On a quarry or mine, your stock is where your money is, which is why we’re happy to let you know that we now support a full list of global currencies for use in Material Properties. 

If you aren’t already using Material Properties to generate quick stock sheets or aggregated material reports for your site, then here’s a quick guide to getting started.  

Point Cloud Upload 

In September we announced the launch of Point Cloud Upload in Propeller. You can now:

  • Drag and drop LAS/LAZ files from any source for seamless integration
  • View point cloud data as a 3D terrain that’s ready to measure
  • Store point clouds in one place for easy collaboration and management






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