As a best practice, investigate the airspace restrictions at your site before you get there. That way, if you need to perform a self unlock, obtain a custom unlock, or address some other issue, you will be better prepared to do so. 

If you fly a DJI drone, always check the DJI Fly Safe web application before you go out and fly a survey. 

However, the Fly Safe database does not always have all the information you will need, such as airspace ceilings and airspace types. We recommend checking a second resource so you are fully aware of any possible airspace restrictions and warnings. 

Here are some other free online resources you can use to check airspace restrictions at your site: 


In AirMap, the height ceiling is shown as a bold black number (in the United States). 

Specific controlled areas will be outlined and can be clicked on for more details. 

AirMap can also be used to obtain LAANC authorizations, which are required for any flight taking place in controlled airspace at or under 400ft. Be sure to filter for Part 107 Certified in the United States.


The OpenSky web application is Civil Aviation Safety Authority-verified for use in Australia. Be sure to select Commercial Excluded as the filter. 

OpenSky gives you information on the type of airspace restriction. 

There are other paid software platforms you can use to check airspace restrictions and even manage your drone(s). These platforms include Kittyhawk and Skyward, which may be more useful in certain situations, especially for large enterprises.

Checking for airspace restrictions before you get on-site is a good practice to integrate into your mission planning. You'll catch potential issues proactively so that you're better prepared when you fly. 

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