Chances are, you don't use your AeroPoints every single day. Use the tips below to properly store your AeroPoints when they aren't in use. 

Short-term storage

AeroPoints are durable, but you can extend their life by keeping them clean and dry when they're not in use. Simply remove dirt and dust with a damp cloth as soon as you're finished using them.

Reduce the risk of sand or gravel scratching the solar panels by stacking and storing AeroPoints with the undersides together (as illustrated below). 

Here are some tips for using your AeroPoints if you use them only for End-of-Month (EOM) flights: 

  • Check the battery level of the AeroPoint(s) in your dashboard before you head out for your flights. 
  • Place the AeroPoint(s) in the sun for the day prior to your EOM flights to ensure you build up a good base charge.
  • Keep the battery healthy by charging the AeroPoint in the sun, the day after your EOM flights.

This way you'll have some base charge before putting them away in storage. A continuous period of use without enough sun exposure will cause the battery to deplete faster than it recharges.

Long-term storage

If you are going to store your AeroPoints for longer than 30 days, here are some rules to follow: 

Keep them in a warm and dry place 

AeroPoints run on a lithium battery, so it is important to keep them from getting too cold, or the battery will lose effectiveness. The operating temperature is 32ºF/0ºC to 104ºF/40ºC, so we recommend you store them indoors in a room that is at least 60ºF/15ºC to protect the batteries. 

Keep them charged

Once the battery is dead, it is very difficult to get it charged again. So, go ahead and charge your AeroPoints about once a month. You can check the battery percentage in your AeroPoints dashboard in your portal. 

To be sure that the AeroPoint is still working, you can conduct a short test capture. To conduct the test, press the button once to start a capture and set a timer for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, press the button again to start the upload. Check your AeroPoints dashboard to see if the upload was successful.  

The data quality does not have to be good for this test, so you can conduct this test capture indoors.

If your AeroPoints are not working correctly after some time in storage, it is very likely that the battery is low and needs to be charged before you use them again. Charge your AeroPoints for at least 10 hours to recharge the battery. Refer to the troubleshooting process if they are still not working as expected. 

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