After an AeroPoint survey is processed, you can see information on the data quality of the capture for each AeroPoint used in the survey in the flight details. Flight details are accessed by clicking on an individual flight in your AeroPoints Dashboard.

Each AeroPoint used in the survey will have an expandable details section. Under the Quality heading, there are four metrics that Propeller uses to determine the AeroPoint's data quality for that survey. 

Data points 

This is the number of satellite observation logs that contain the recorded positions of the AeroPoint over the duration of the survey. 

Points used

Not every data point is always used, so Points used shows the number of data points used with high certainty to determine the AeroPoint's global position.

Baseline distance 

Baseline distance is the distance between the AeroPoint and the correction source, whether you use the Propeller Corrections Network or the AeroPoint used to correct other AeroPoints.

Data variance

This is the measurement of how close or how far the individual points are to the median of the set of points in an observation. 

The smaller the variance, the more accurate the results are. A large variance usually indicates that there is something wrong with the observation (ex. the AeroPoint was disturbed during the observation or obstructed from viewing enough satellites). 

If you are not receiving high-quality data (such as a low-quality fix on the AeroPoint), there are some methods you can use to improve the quality, such as collecting the AeroPoints in reverse order, leaving them out for a longer period of time before and after your drone flight, and ensuring that there are no metal objects within 30ft (about 9m) of the AeroPoint while it is capturing data. 

I still can't do it!

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