Create, print, and share a high-resolution map of your site, customized with design files, linework, and utilities overlaid, all from Propeller. 

This month, we’re excited to announce the release of one of our most requested features—the ability to export and print custom site map plans. 

You can now: 

  • Export a high-resolution orthophoto of the active dataset as a PDF file. The file is ready for large or regular format printing.
  • Overlay DXF design file layers with layer labelling and a legend based on active layers in the Viewer.
  • Export with professional formatting; site information, title, and date of survey capture.
  • Zoom in to export only a specific section of your site, what you see on screen is what you will export. [New functionality added in January 2020]

A new, simple process that saves everyone time: 

Creating a PDF map of your site to help you communicate logistics and plan no longer requires specialist software or technical know-how. Now, anyone with a Propeller login can generate a professionally formatted PDF map than can help them: 

Communicate logistics and avoid misunderstandings 

Provide crews and clients with a realistic, high-resolution aerial view of your site using the orthomap created from your survey data. 

The PDF export arrives fully formatted, and is ready to print in large or regular format, or share over email. 

Provide context and clarity with DXF overlays   

Clearly highlight laydown areas, safety hazards, utilities, and more by exporting your map with linework or a final design surfaces overlaid. 

Simply select the layers you want to export alongside your orthomap before you hit the Export PDF Map button.

Invite others to create a PDF Site Map using Propeller

Everyone on site stands to benefit from taking directions, presenting progress, and planning upcoming work on site from the most up-to-date data, which is why anyone with a login to Propeller can export a map. 

Learn how to invite others to Propeller here.

Want some help getting started? 

Here’s a quick guide to creating your own printable PDF orthomap using Propeller. 

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