We're always working to improve your Propeller Platform experience, here's a summary of what's changed. . . . 

January 10, 2020

🆕 New: Auto-generated boundaries for DXF/TTM surfaces 

We now automatically generate a polygon boundary around any DXF or TTM surface that's been uploaded and is selected in the Viewer. 

Right-click on the dashed yellow line to convert the boundary to a measurement for more precise boundaries when calculating volumes.  

👍🏻 Improved: Better experience using the photo viewer 

Opening the photo viewer will now enable the Camera Positions layer by default. Camera positions can still be turned off by disabling the layer from the Survey tab.

👍🏻 Improved: View-only users no longer see the option to Delete and Rename folders  

Before this release, the option to Delete and Rename folders would be shown to view-only users, even though this functionality was not available to them. These options are now only visible to users with permissions above view-only level. 

👍🏻Improved: Generate PDF reports for datasets without an orthophoto

PDF reports can now be generated on datasets that don’t include an orthophoto, (including point cloud datasets and design surfaces). Previously, PDF generation would fail if there was no orthophoto present.

🔧 Fixed:
We now show a pop-up error message if a user tries to share a measurement and it fails. 

🔧 Fixed: Issue preventing 2D Cut/Fill and contours showing on basic Volume Measurements 

🔧 Fixed: We have resolved an issue that was stopping the inner orbit ring of the on-map camera control from working 


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