You can manage user permissions by navigating to Settings > Users & Permissions which you can find in the top navigation bar.

There are 3 types of users in your Portal, which differ by the varying levels of permission they have to access sites and administer your Portal:

  • Administrators have full access on all sites plus the ability to change Portal settings and create new sites. 
  • Members can be given a default level of permissions across all sites in the Portal. The default permissions will automatically apply to newly created users and on new sites, unless manually overwritten.
  • Guests are users that have been given permission to view a site but are not members. Guests allow you to add users to individual sites without giving them the default permissions of a member. Guests are useful for giving Contractors or Clients view-only access on a single site without broader access to your portal.

How to add new users

  1. In the Add People panel type or paste new users email addresses separated my space, tab or comma and then click the ADD MEMBERS button.

2. After you click ADD MEMBERS, the next screen allows you to define individual site permissions for the new users or use existing defaults. 

At the bottom of the screen can provide a custom message which will be included in the invitation email sent to the new users.

3. When you are done setting permissions click ADD MEMBERS button which will result in creating user accounts, setting their permissions and sending emails informing them about newly shared sites.

Editing user permissions

In order to edit member’s or guest’s individual permissions, just click his or her name or email address:

This will bring you to the individual user permissions screen:

Click UPDATE PERMISSIONS to save changes. 

User actions

Promote to administrator

To assign a new Administrator to your portal use the PROMOTE button in the Members list which shows all your current Portal Users.

Demote to member

You can demote Administrators back to Members from the Administrators list by clicking DEMOTE.

Add guest as a portal member

To convert a Portal Guest into a Member, click ADD on the user in the Guests table.

Resend activation email

To reshare the invitation email which allows a new user to join your Portal, find the user and click RESEND ACTIVATION EMAIL next to their email address.  

You can add a custom message to the invitation email. 

Remove a user from your portal

To remove a user from your Portal, find the user and click REMOVE. This option  revokes all site privileges and removes the user from the Portal.

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