When processing your drone data through Propeller, data can be either filtered or unfiltered.

Filtering is an automatic process which attempts to remove objects like trees, buildings and cars that stick out from the main surface. It is normally used when accurate volume measurement is required. It removes transient objects like trucks and cranes and built structures like conveyors. Filtering can increase the accuracy and consistency of volume measurement and comparison. Buildings and trees will appear flat.

Unfiltered data will include all features. If you want your map to include these features visualised in 3D, or if the site contains lots of vertical features and the automatic filtering is not correctly analysing the data, then you should choose 'unfiltered'.

If you are trying to produce an accurate profile of a site, choosing to filter these objects out can be a sensible choice, as it will reduce clutter and increase the visual appear of the site.

We are currently making update to the Uploader that will allow users to easily select their choices regarding filtering. 

Currently our expert data team will select the best filter for the type of data that you have uploaded, which normally will get the best result. If you have specific requirements around the filtering, please email data@propelleraero.com at the time of upload to make sure that our data team can process according to your needs. 

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