You can make custom Measurements using the Polyline, Line or Elevation tool and customizing your own measurement template. 

Creating a new template

1. Select a measurement tool. You can edit the name on the label that appears over the Measurement, edit the control points, or delete the Measurement. 

2. Choose Custom from the templates dropdown.

3. Use your cursor to draw a shape for your measurement (point, line or polygon).

4. Click Add/ Edit Items to add the measurements to associate with the template.

5. Drag items from the Add measurements and custom items menu and drop them into your measurement - select SAVE to preserve your changes.

6. Once you've selected all the measurements you need, save the template as a new custom template by selecting Save as a new template.

The newly created Template will now be available for all users of your Propeller Portal and can be accessed from the Template dropdown menu. 

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