There are two ways to share your Sites. You can either share a Site with a user, by accessing the sharing button while the Site is selected, or, you can select a user and share multiple Sites with that user, while that user is selected.

Sharing within a specific Site

Click the sharing tool and enter the email addresses of the people you want to grant access to a site. The sharing tool is only available when a site has been selected from the drop down menu on the left. 

By default, access to view the specific site you shared is selected. You can also grant access to edit and manage the specific site from the popup windows. 

This will send an invitation to that email address to view the project through the Propeller platform and create a login and password. They will not be able to share it with other users unless you upgrade their permissions.

Select a User to share multiple Sites

An alternative way to manage user permissions is by navigating to http://<yoursite>

From here, you can select a single user and manage their permissions across all of your Sites. This is an alternative to selecting the Sharing button, which allows you to manage users across a single Site. In this example, the User Propeller Aerobotics was selected, and given Manage access to all Sites in the portal.

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