There are two main ways to share Sites: 

  • Share access to the site you're currently browsing from SHARE button in the header menu. 
  • Share access to multiple sites from your Portal's People & Teams menu. 

Sharing access to a single site

A site can be shared with others by clicking SHARE from the header menu. 

  1. From the Site's header menu select SHARE.
  2. Enter the new user's email.
  3. Select the level of permission to be granted to the new user.
  4. Click share to send the user an email inviting them to log into the site.

The new users will be sent invitation to view the project and create a login and password. By default, new users will have view-only access to the specific site you shared. You can grant edit and manage the specific site from the popup windows. 

Learn more about permissions.

Sharing access to multiple sites

If you have the Manage Access permission on one or more sites you can manage the permissions that other users have across all those sites.

  1. From the profile dropdown (your name in the top right hand corner) navigate to Sites & Access. 
  2. Select the site that you wish to manage.
  3. Add or remove people or teams with access to the site or change the permission level of of individual users.

Learn more about managing users and permissions.

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