What data can I download?

By default you can download the following formats:

You can also download any KML or KMZ overlay files that you uploaded to your Site.

What are the different file formats? 

.LAZ Point Cloud

Propeller's core photogrammetry process produces a colored point cloud, and this is the basis of the online and downloadable surface data outputs.

This download includes the ground classification data from Propeller's automated filtering process.

This file will be in the site's defined CRS (coordinate reference system), or in a UTM projection by default.

Note that an LAZ is a compressed LAS file, which is a standard point cloud format originally defined for use in laser scanning, and widely supported in desktop programs.

.DXF Surface (3D Faces)

DXF is a widely supported Autodesk format. The 3D Faces DXF format is used for surfaces.

The DXF files that we produce are made available for download in three different sizes (large, medium and small), with a faces count of 500K, 250K, and 100K, respectively. 

Good to know: The DXF files have limits to the faces count in these downloads so that these files are usable sizes in desktop programs. This means for very large sites there will be some loss of data. 

For higher detail of smaller areas, you can download the point cloud .LAZ file in your preferred desktop software to create surface files.

.JPG Ortho

This is a single complete image of the orthomosaic in the widely supported JPG format. There are a number of sizes generated. The JPEG file format limits the resolution of a single file to 65K by 65K pixels, which means the resolution of this file may be lower than the full-resolution ortho .TIF file.

The download zip file includes a .JGW world file in the site's defined CRS, or by default in a UTM projection. 

.OBJ 3D Model

This is a textured 3D model in the OBJ file defined by Wavefront format. 

This file has no coordinate system defined.

This file can be used in applications that use textured 3D models such as virtual or augmented reality applications.

.TIF Orthomosaic 

This is a full-resolution geoTIFF file version of the dataset orthomosaic. This will be in the site's defined CRS, or by default in a geographic WGS84 projection. 


This is a geoTIFF file version of the dataset terrain elevation. This will be in the site's defined CRS, or by default in a geographic WGS84 projection.

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