The Propeller Corrections Network integrates base stations from all over the world and takes the hard work out of sourcing and uploading a RINEX file to correct your AeroPoint™ survey with satellite observations from a nearby base station.

When processing data using the Propeller Corrections Network, Propeller looks for a base station close to your AeroPoint survey and downloads an appropriate RINEX file covering the duration of your survey. It automatically applies corrections using that RINEX file and the coordinate reference system of the base station, taking the hard work out of correcting your AeroPoints data.

Because the Propeller Corrections Network needs a base station close to your survey, you can only use this method reliably if your survey is within approximately 22mi (35km) of a station in the network. Outside this radius, variations in the atmosphere between the base station and the AeroPoint survey cause the corrections to become unreliable, and the accuracy of your survey may be reduced.

This corrections method requires approximately 24 hours to complete, while the Propeller Corrections Network polls the base station for data.


Global accuracy: the best available, 20mm/20mm/50mm

Consistency: the best available, 20mm/20mm/50mm

Internal accuracy: 10mm or less — precise internal reconstruction

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