The AeroPoints Dashboard is where all of the data from your AeroPoints lives. Whether you only use the Dashboard, or you have a full software license, the information in the Dashboard will give you key insights into your AeroPoints and the data they've collected. 

For more information on your AeroPoints, please consult the AeroPoints User Manual or Propeller's online knowledge base

What information is in the AeroPoints Dashboard?

  1. Battery status for your AeroPoint(s). If your battery indicator is red, please charge your AeroPoint(s).

  2. The date when the AeroPoint last connected to Propeller. Note—this is different than the date of the last upload to Propeller

  3. The cumulative list of surveys collected by the AeroPoints within the selected group. 

  4. AeroPoints group search bar.

  5. Billing information.

  6. List of users and user permissions.

  7. Link to activate AeroPoints

  8. Link to purchase AeroPoints

  9. Link to contact Propeller support

  10. Data Processing tab, used to upload new survey datasets or check the status of datasets that are currently processing.  

  11. Additional help resources, including a map of Propeller's Corrections NetworkPropeller's Knowledge Base, and the AeroPoints User Manual

What can I do in the Dashboard?

  1. Activate your AeroPoints

  2. Manage and view users 

  3. Rename your AeroPoint set(s)

  4. Make a copy of a survey

  5. Rename an AeroPoint survey

  6. Merge surveys

  7. Process your AeroPoint surveys

  8. View a list of all surveys captured by the AeroPoints in the group, and details of each flight when you click on a specific survey

  9. Archive an unneeded or duplicate survey

What's included in the flight details?

After you have uploaded data from your AeroPoints, the survey will appear in your dashboard under Your flights. AeroPoint surveys are listed chronologically with the most recent survey first. 

Note: Propeller Platform/Trimble Stratus users will want to follow the Data Upload Workflow for creating a new dataset which includes additional/different steps. 

Once the data is successfully uploaded, you can process your survey(s)

You can view the following information for each survey after it has been processed. 

Coordinate Systems

  • geographic and projected coordinate systems

  • vertical datum

  • units of measurement, which can be changed after processing


See the capture times of each AeroPoint in the survey. The timeline allows you to verify that you collect your AeroPoints in the reverse order which will give you the most accurate AeroPoint results.

Individual AeroPoint(s)

  • The capture start and end time and the duration of the capture

  • The date and time the AeroPoint uploaded

  • The X, Y, Z coordinates of the AeroPoint during the survey

  • Information on the data quality of the AeroPoint Survey


This article has covered the basics of using AeroPoints to survey your site. For more information, please see the Propeller knowledge base or the AeroPoints user manual to learn more.

I still can't do it!

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