For AeroPoints to work, you need to maintain the annual AeroPoint subscription, which is included with your purchase for the first 12 months.

If you have any active Propeller Platform license, you’ll receive the AeroPoints Dashboard subscription for free, even after that first year. 

The AeroPoints Dashboard subscription is $600 per year if you are not a Propeller Platform user.

Without an active AeroPoint subscription, AeroPoints cannot be used with Propeller processing. The benefits you receive from an annual subscription are as follows:

  • The Propeller PPK algorithm and simple user workflow, including hotspot uploading
  • The web-based software service that enables PPK tagging of images.
  • The AeroPoints Dashboard, which provides information on your AeroPoint(s) and data outputs including georeferenced photo geotags. 
  • The ability to process coordinate data in multiple workflows.
  • The advantages of simple processing in arbitrary or local grids (with our Trimble and Topcon local site calibration workflows).
  • The hosting, permission-based sharing, and organization of data over time.
  • Ongoing support from Propeller teams. 

Your AeroPoint(s) will still be able to collect and upload new data if your AeroPoint subscription expires, but the new data cannot be processed or downloaded until your subscription renews. 

Data that was uploaded before your subscription expired can still be downloaded even if the subscription has lapsed. 

If you would like to upgrade your license, please contact