AeroPoints are smart ground control points (GCPs) used both for geotag corrections as well as model creation. When used with the Phantom 4 RTK drone they replace the need for a local base station and enable the PPK workflow.

Laying out AeroPoints

AeroPoints need to collect data for the duration of your drone flight. For best practices on distributing your AeroPoints, please refer to this video tutorial for more information.  To assure you are collecting data for the entire survey, place and turn on your AeroPoints before you launch the drone, and only collect/move them after your mission has been completed.  

Along with the videos above, the guidelines below should be followed when planning AeroPoint layout for PPK Flights:

• 1–3 AeroPoints should be used for sites up to 150 acres (80 hectares). Note: three recommended for best accuracy.
• For each additional 50 acres (20 hectares) you need 1–2 additional AeroPoints
• Each AeroPoint should be no more than 0.75mi (1.2km) away from next closest AeroPoint

Note: For linear project specifics, see the end of the article.

Local Coordinate Systems

For sites with local coordinate systems setup, one of the AeroPoints you put down needs to be on a known point within that coordinate system. When processing, you’ll need to provide us with a calibration file of the site (typically a .CAL, .JXL, or .GC3). To learn how this file helps us process your data, see this article.

  1. Place the AeroPoint stencil's center precisely over the known point.
  2. Spray-paint the corners.
  3. Place the AeroPoint on top of the painted stencil and turn it on.

Propeller Corrections Network

In the event that you don't have known points surveyed in for your site already, you can rely on the Propeller Corrections Network. This means that we can provide accurate corrections for your site as long as it exists within the Network. You can find a map of coverage here.

Linear Flights

Flying linear projects with the PPK workflow is slightly different than normal flights. You can learn more about that process here.

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