During your flight, circumstances may arise that require you to land in a different location. Changing the Home Point is a convenient way to avoid risky landings without having to manually control the aircraft to adjust your landing.

While the drone in is flight, from the Fly screen tap the three small dots in the top right corner.

Within the Aircraft Settings menu, the Home Point Settings are at the top of the settings list.

You have two options to alter the Home Point location:

Tapping the first option will set the current aircraft position as the new Home Point. 

Tapping the second option will set the current remote controller position as the new Home Point.

Current Aircraft Position

Example scenario: Your aircraft is currently on the far end of your large job site and you get a low battery warning. While it may have enough battery to Return-to-Home across the large site, you would like to play it safe and land immediately on the far side. 

Solution: Pause the mission, ensure that the area under the aircraft is safe for landing, then change the Home Point and initiate Return-to-Home. 

Current Remote Controller Location

Example scenario: After takeoff, a vehicle has parked over the Home Point that the aircraft took off from.

Solution: With controller in hand, you can relocate to a new landing site and change the Home Point instead of having the vehicle moved. 

The aircraft will now land at the updated Home Point location when Return-to-Home is initiated.

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