The following instructions will walk you through the basics of planning a mission on the P4RTK. Please view our other help articles if you plan to fly a linear/corridor mission or if you plan on using a KML file to plan your mission

2D Photogrammetry

1. To begin, power on your controller using the GS RTK app.

2. Connect to a WiFi network or hotspot to assure base-maps will load to assist with mission planning.

3. From the GS RTK main menu, tap Plan in the bottom-left corner.

4. Tap 2D Photogrammetry.

5. Locate your site by panning around the map and using two fingers to adjust the zoom.

6. Drop a pin to start creating your survey area by tapping on the screen on the boundary of your site. 

7. Drop a minimum of three pins to produce a survey area. To move a pin, tap on it again to select it, then either use the wheel on the right or drag it around with your finger. You can delete the selected pin by tapping the trash icon or by double-tapping on the pin.

8. Display the mission settings by tapping on the white tab on the right side of the screen after completing your survey area.

The settings listed below along with reasons are a good guideline to follow when planning 2D photogrammetry missions. 

To learn more about optimal flight settings, please see our drone pilot guides

9. Tap Save and give your task a name. 

I still can't do it!

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