Before surveying with your DJI drone, make sure  you are using a high-quality microSD card that will keep up with the rigors of your mission. 

For a list of recommended microSD cards, click here.

Note: The maximum supported capacity is 128GB for most drones.

When to reformat the microSD card

You should reformat the microSD card before the first flight of the day. 

Don’t reformat the microSD card between flights in the same mission, as formatting microSD cards will remove all data from the card. 

Before formatting your microSD card, remove or copy all important files. Save the files to your computer or otherwise backup your files. 

How to reformat the microSD card

Format your microSD card using your controller by following these steps:

1. Insert the microSD card into the drone. Remember that the pins will face up toward you. 

2. Power on the drone and the controller using the GS RTK app.

3. From the main menu, tap Fly.

4. Tap the camera options icon on the right (under the white dot used for taking photos).

5. Tap the gear icon in the upper-right section of the menu bar that appears.

6. Tap “Format SD Card.”

7.  Tap OK to confirm the changes.

If you must use a computer to format your microSD cards, keep in mind that cards 32GB and under need to formatted as FAT32, and cards greater than 32GB, need to formatted as exFAT.

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