Propeller supports the linking of a Dropbox account in order to submit data for processing through the Create new dataset flow.

This option is recommended for users on slow or frequently interrupted internet connections, as Dropbox provides a desktop app that manages the synchronizing of files.

Upload of files from Dropbox is supported for the Survey, Inspection, and Preprocessed data submission types. To access this feature, click Upload from Dropbox from the Create new dataset flow.

If you have not already linked your Dropbox account to Propeller, you will need to authenticate  Dropbox by clicking Authenticate with DropboxThis will redirect you to the Dropbox website for secure sign-in. If you don’t have a Dropbox account, you’ll be prompted to create one.

Please note that only one Dropbox account can be linked to a Propeller account. If another user has already linked a Dropbox account, an error will be shown. Please contact us to resolve this issue.

Once authenticated, a new folder will be created in your Dropbox under the path Apps / Propeller Uploader.

To upload files from Dropbox create a new folder for your dataset in Propeller Uploader

Drag your source files into the folder you created for the specific dataset.  

Each folder in Propeller Uploader must only contain the source photos or georeferenced TIFF files for a single dataset. 

You can manage files and folders through the Dropbox desktop app or Dropbox web app.

Once authenticated, you will have been redirected back to the Uploader. 

Clicking the Dropbox option will now show a list of the folders within your Apps / Propeller Uploader directory in Dropbox. 

Note that you can always return to select files from your computer instead, but adding files from both Dropbox and your computer is not supported.

Locate the folder which contains the source files for your dataset. To refresh the folder explorer, click the Apps / Propeller Uploader again at any time.

Once you have selected a folder containing only source files related to your new dataset, validity checks will run depending on whether you are creating a Survey or Inspection.

If the geotag validation still fails after more than one hour, please double-check that all your images are correctly geotagged.

If you are uploading preprocessed data, you must choose the roles of each TIFF file in your selection, as below.

Click Next to select the relevant folder for processing. 

Please note that data uploaded from Dropbox should not be moved or deleted from your Dropbox account until processing of the dataset has completed.