Once you've used Terrain Editing, to make selective adjustments to the surveyed surface, it's often helpful to be able to export a surface model that's inclusive of the changes made to the model for use with CAD or other specialised software packages. 

A surface model that's inclusive of terrain edits can be exported as a DXF by following the below steps:

  1. Use the Terrain Editing feature to make changes to the surveyed surface (see this step-by-step guide to Terrain Editing for how to get started making changes to your drone surveyed surface).
  2. Draw a measurement polygon around the area of your Site to be exported.
  3. Download the selected measurement as a DXF (Surface) option. 

The exported file will consist of a DXF containing the surface, inclusive of any Terrain Edits, as a 3DFACE (TIN) entity type.