🆕 New: View-only Permission Level 

Customers asked us for more security and control when sharing access to sites with others outside of their organization. 

In response to this, we’ve updated the View-only permission level to include some additional restrictions. 

What’s changed for View-only users? 

Users with View-only access to a site are no longer able to:

  • Create, share, or export measurement and reports for a site 
  • View any sensitive information such as volume measurements or designs

These restrictions will only apply to sites where the user has been granted View-only access.

If you have View-only permission for a site and want to view measurements and designs as well as create new measurements, please ask the person who invited you to the site to update your permission level to Edit access.

For users with Manage Access permission

If you have Manage Access permission to a site and would like to update a user's permission level you can do so via the 'Sites and Access' tab, located under Site Settings in the Platform. Learn how to update permission levels for users here

🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue that was preventing tonnage and $ value field populating in the Platform and when creating reports for measurements with Material Properties.
  • Click the Contour visualization on a measurement will no longer automatically enable the 3D Cut/Fill visualization. 
  • When the Design layers are completely outside the site boundary, (for example, when the Design’s coordinates do not match the Sites’s), a warning message will now be triggered, alerting you to the issue.