New: Platform add-on, Crew 

The new Crew add-on gives platform users the power to create and share interactive maps with professionals in the field using one-off links, designed for mobile viewing. 


Learn how the add-on's being used by LendLease Engineering, The Northern Road Stage 3 in Sydney, Australia. 

With the Crew add-on, users can: 

  • Spot check cut/fill elevations from anywhere on the job
  • Monitor earthworks progress and check design conformance
  • Identify subsurface utilities in the field to reduce strike rates
  • Communicate with others in real-time using the drawing tool

Learn more about this new platform add-on and how you can start using it on your site today here


Improved: Upgrade to search and filter options for measurements 

You can now filter measurements by searching for the type of template used to create the measurement.  This is useful when you want to quickly locate all measurements created using a specific template, like cross-sections or stockpiles. The new filter options also include a select-all checkbox for when your search result returns a long list of measurements. 


New: Copy folders between datasets

You can now copy folders, along with their contents between datasets. This makes it easier to set up a new dataset using the relevant measurements from a previous dataset.  


New: Measurement filter option—Site Level

You can now filter your list of measurements to see all Site Level measurements.

Improved: Larger chart panes

Improved visibility makes it easier to interpret data when looking at charts and cross-sections.