The new Vertical Design Offset feature gives users the power to quickly create a subgrade model / lift layers within the Platform without using an external CAD package to create a subgrade surface model to measure against. 

Creating an Offset

Choose the desired design file from the DESIGNS tab within the project.

Click the three dots next to the design file you want to work with and choose Apply Vertical Offset.

Add the offset amount and click SAVE.  

A new layer with the desired offset will be added to the design surface.

All of the Platform’s measurement tools will work with subgrade surfaces, allowing you to compare the new offset layer to the model. 

To take a measurement of the new Offset, simply right click on the layer and CONVERT TO MEASUREMENT.  

Select the type of measurement you would like to calculate.

To delete the offset, click the three dots next to the new layer you just created and click Delete Layer.

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