All datasets generated after 1 March 2018 will automatically be processed with a KML boundary that indicates the limits of your site. 

What can I do with the terrain boundary? 

  • Clearly see the limits of your site in a way that's consistent from one dataset to another. 
  • Create consistent whole of site Cut/ Fill or Takeoff Reports by converting the boundary to an annotation and using Volume Compare to measure the changes across your site between datasets.   

How to view the boundary 

  • From the Layers menu toggle Terrain Boundary.

How to convert the terrain boundary into an annotation for use with the measurement tools 

  • From the Layers menu toggle Terrain Boundary.
  • Click the the highlighted shape on the map.
  • Select Clamp to Ground.
  • Click Convert to Annotation.
  • The terrain boundary will now appear in your annotations with the name "vector-layer-terrain-boundary."