1. Import a Trimble TTM file from the Designs menu. 
  2. Open the TTM surface and visualize it in relation to the terrain of your site.
  3. Create surface-to-design volume measurements between the TTM surface and your drone captured survey.
  4. Export an area of your site as a TTM surface.

Upload a TTM file to your site

  • To upload a file, select Designs → Import a Layer
  • The file appears in the Designs menu and can be toggled on and off.  

Visualise a TTM surface files

Once imported, view the TTM surface in 3D in relation to the survey.

Measure volumes against TTM surfaces

Use volume compare to measure the volume between your latest survey data and the design surface. 

Export a measurement as TTM

Areas of a site can be exported as a TTM surface:

  • Outline the area to be exported using the polygon tool.   
  • From the measurement options select ExportTTM.

Learn more about custom exports here.

Here are 3 other ways that you can import TTM surfaces into the platform.