DirtMate Training Resources

Whether you’re new to DirtMate or helping your team get started, we’ve put together some resources to help you successfully install and start using DirtMate. These articles cover everything from how to set it up, tips on how to use Dirtmate, and finally, how to view & analyze the data collected.

How to Activate Your DirtMates

Once you receive your DirtMates, you’ll need to activate them! This article will walk users through the activation process in the DirtMate app.


Introduction to the DirtMate Mobile App

This article walks first-time DirtMate users through the site setup workflow. Users can access management workflows and see basic diagnostics and machine tracking for their DirtMates on the mobile app.


Getting Started with the DirtMate Dashboard

The DirtMate Dashboard provides custom views of specific areas, time frames, and data to deliver clear insights into the productivity and usage of your DirtMate-equipped machines. Read this article to get an overview of the DirtMate Dashboard.


How to Promote Polygons or Designs to the DirtMate Dashboard

Any polygon can be used as a progress tracking area. Check out how to promote polygons to the DirtMate Dashboard.


How to Maintain a DirtMate Site

Learn how to keep your DirtMate site operating successfully and capture data reliably.


How to Interact with DirtMate Data in the Home View

Learn how to interact with DirtMate data in the home view. This article walks you through using the DirtMate toggle to show DirtMate layers and viewing surfaces directly in polygon or line measurements.


What Do Machine Location Colors In the Home View Mean?

You can also interact with the Machine Locations layer by clicking on any machine. Once a machine has been selected, the timeline will provide utilization information about that machine's activity over the last two weeks.


Keep an eye out for new content as we continue to add new articles and other information to our growing Knowledge Base over the coming months. 

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