New: Updates to the DirtMate Dashboard

January 27, 2022 

With this release, we've rolled out some updates and improvements to the Dirtmate Dashboard interface that make it quicker and easier to answer, 'how are we progressing to design?', 'where am I today?' and 'how much is left to do?'

Here's a rundown of what's new and improved

The Cut/Fill Totals widget is now easier to locate and has moved to the top of the widgets list in the right-hand menu. 


The Cumulative Volumes feature, which calculates the total amount of dirt moved for the selected timeframe, including all rework performed in this period, has been renamed to Accumulate Volumes. We've also moved this feature to show as a checkbox next to the Surface to Surface measurement. 

New tooltips and helpful text has been added to the interface, helping to provide additional information for customers who are new to using the DirtMate Dashboard.

The updated experience for selecting a design to compare against in the Dashboard now guides a user through how to add the first design by promoting it in the Home View. 

I still can't do it!

We wrote these articles to equip you with everything you need to get the job done on your own, but we understand that sometimes this isn't sufficient.

If you're stuck, the Propeller support team may be able to help. You can contact our support team by emailing or by clicking the support tab on the top-right corner of the portal.