Introduction to the DirtMate Mobile App

DirtMates are managed with the DirtMate mobile app on either Android or iOS.

The DirtMate app introduces fleets. A fleet is a group of DirtMates and machines used together on a project or site. Your quickstart guide (included with each box of DirtMates) explains how to activate DirtMates and create a fleet. 

While there are many ways to use the DirtMate app, we want to highlight two main workflows. To begin, first-time users on new sites are walked through the DirtMate site setup workflow. Users can access management workflows after setting up the site and see basic diagnostics and machine tracking for their DirtMates.

When setting up a new site, the app activates DirtMates to a fleet and sets up your site infrastructure (base DirtMate and Network Gateway). 

After a site is set up, the app can be used to view the real-time status and positions of individual DirtMates and add, remove, or change the DirtMates installed to machines on the site.

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