How Do I Track Scraper Cycle Counts with DirtMate?

The Cycle Count feature on the DirtMate dashboard provides automatic cycle counts for scraper-type machines following a regular cycle route on an hourly, daily, or multi-day basis.

For scrapers with DirtMate installed, you can now view: 

  • Scraper cycles across your site
  • Hourly breakdown of cycle counts per scraper  
  • Cycle Duration(s)
  • Cycle Length(s)

How do I use the Cycle Counter for Scrapers?

1. Log in to the DirtMate Dashboard and ensure the Cycle Count widget is enabled in the right-hand menu. 


Note this is different than the Truck Count widget, which will only display counts for “paired” machines such as a truck & excavator. 

2. The widget will show your site's total number of cycles for the selected timeframe.


3. Click on any machine in the list to view the hourly breakdown of the cycle counts, including the cycle duration & length for that machine. 


4. You will also see a display of all machine trails by selecting the MAP button below the cycle count graph. Select an individual cycle from the legend at the bottom of the map to filter down to a single cycle.

You can click arrows to move between the hourly ranges. If a period of time has no load counts recorded, it will automatically skip that hour.

You can also use the cycle count chart in the Dashboard to view load counts across multiple days (e.g., the last 7 days). You can view the breakdown by hour by clicking on View day for more information.

How do we calculate load counts?

We automatically track cycle counts by scoring the “regularity” of the scraper paths' speed, variance, and centroid to produce a “hotline.” This hotline acts as a boundary that will start the duration and distance measurements of that cycle when crossed. The next cycle will occur either when the machine crosses that hotline or a new hotline needs to be produced due to a shift in the area where the cycles are happening.  

Note that this is done per machine with no dependence on the selected progress area.

Cycles will be ignored in the above hotline calculations if:

  • the total cycle time is less than one minute

  • the average cycle speed is less than 2 km/h (just over 1 mph).

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